Speed limit reduction on section of A68 proposed

A PROPOSAL has been put forward by Transport Scotland to lower the speed limit on a 1.4 mile section of the A68 covering an accident blackspot.

The stretch between the Eildon junction to the 40mph limit at St Boswells could be reduced from 60mph to 50mph following a consultation exercise.

The move is as a result of a review of trunk road speed limits across Scotland.

For this part of the A68 it found: “Given the character, mean speed and accident rates, the assessment concludes that the 50mph speed limit is appropriate.”

Local MSP John Lamont said: “I am pleased that Transport Scotland have decided to look into improving safety on this stretch of road.

“The A68 before and after Newtown St Boswells has seen several serious accidents in recent years and there is no doubt that something needs to be done before we see any more motorists injured or even killed.

“However, before any change to the speed limit is made it must be established whether or not it will make a positive difference to safety.

“All possible safety measures should be looked into before a decision is taken.”

The southern Newtown St Boswells junction has been the site of numerous crashes since the bypass opened in 1990, while the Eildon junction was the site of a fatal crash in 2009.