Souters help Darien Venture turn out well

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The future looks bright for the Darien Venture, as the Glasgow-based group have released their first physical EP, Indications, through their own label Overlook Records, writes Jack Milner.

The indie band features two members from Selkirk, guitarist/vocalist Liam Rutherford and drummer Jonny Beveridge, along with two friends they met at university.

Liam was in good spirits about the band’s debut CD release, and talked TheSouthern through the process of putting the EP together.

“It was definitely a team effort – we all contribute to song writing, and recording. However, frontman Dave [Martin], comes up with most of the lyrics,” said Liam.

The band played a gig at Ayr on Sunday, and the new songs were included in their set. Liam went on: “The new tracks were really well received. It was a strange gig, three of us went to university in Ayr, and the fourth member was originally from Ayr, so it was kind of a homecoming thing. It was fantastic.”

Asked about the Darien Venture’s plans for the future, Liam confirmed the band would now be concentrating on writing new material. He said: “We are now focused on writing some new stuff, definitely over the summer, and maybe fitting a small tour in too.”

The Darien Venture toured the country and rocked alongside many diverse acts, such as Sucioperro, Tubelord, and more notably Trapped in Kansas, with whom they share a close friendship.

The two groups have previously released a split EP in 2008, and both have signed to Overlook Records, set up by Liam and his band-mates.

The Darien Venture formed at the University of West of Scotland and have since gone from strength to strength, securing plays on Jim Gellatly’s New Music Scotland podcast on BBC Radio Scotland.

In 2010, the band continued to flourish, as they were played on Vic Galloway’s BBC Introducing show, and also appeared at Glasgow’s acclaimed Hinterland Festival.

A spokesman for the band said: “The newly-released EP from the quartet includes five inventive tracks.

“These debut songs convey an abundance of thunderous guitar riffs and cleverly-written lyrics.”

The EP has had positive reviews with one describing the record as “flawless musical performances... Indications is, in a word, outstanding. Miss this at your peril.”

Dad Jim, who runs Bordersprint in Selkirk, has watched both Liam and other son Kyle, a member of heavy metal group Cerebral Bore, enjoy success as musicians.

He said: “The Darien Venture have a quirky sound which is a bit different from other bands, but it is hard for them to promote themselves while each has a full-time job.

“However, they have now set up their own label to release their music and are also working with Trapped in Kansas.”

To win a copy of the EP, which includes a DVD of footage of the Darien Venture in the recording studio and on tour in London, answer this question:

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Indications is now available from Bordersprint in Selkirk, The Darien Venture’s online store, itunes, emusic, and will soon be available from and Amazon.