Saving taxpayers money

Scottish Borders Council is prolonging the saga of its former chief executive David Hume with another statement that is meant to bring clarity to the proceedings – but only succeeding in making matters worse.

From earlier reports in TheSouthern it was outlined that SBC would be embarking on a venture that would save Borders taxpayers money.

This was the introduction of a voluntary severance scheme which would allow employees to take early retirement or voluntary redundancy. The savings would come from the “non replacement” of individuals allowed to go, thus saving substantial amounts on wages and related payments.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember the very capable Tracy Logan being appointed chief executive to replace the departed Mr Hume. As I have not managed to work out if Ms Logan is working for no salary – unlikely – or Mr Hume decided not to take any monies from the SBC pot – extremely unlikely – I am finding it difficult to determine how this arrangement is a saving for us taxpayers.

In Bill Chisholm’s letter in last week’s edition, he mentions that SBC is paying out £12.3million in interest payments alone – and I am beginning to have an inkling as to why.

As a side issue, I have contacted these groups who keep filling my email inbox with tales of how I can retrieve monies if I have been duped into making payments to banks or other lenders that I need not have made. I have given them details of the SBC financial people who are in more need of their services than I will ever be.

Rab Stewart

Roberts Avenue