Sadness at the loss of feline companions

News 28/02/08''Christine Grahame SNP MSP
News 28/02/08''Christine Grahame SNP MSP

Over the years I have written of Newt (Newton) and Bossie (Boswell), my two wee Borders’ cats acquired just as I entered Parliament.

I am saddened to tell you that this will be my last reference to either of them. Newt died just a few weeks ago, lying under the snowball viburnum. I sat speaking to him for a few hours till the last moments. There was an appointment that day at the vets, but mother nature beat me, and him, to it. I consoled myself and indeed Bossie for the next few days, but her rejection of food went on too long and it dawned on me that she too was reacting to the loss of her brother, companion and adversary of 15 years. She had to be put to sleep just eight days after him. The vet explained that Newt’s death had contributed markedly to her decline. Quite frankly, unless you have or have had pets, you will find my grief bewildering. But the house is so quiet. The cat dishes have been cleared away. Cat food redistributed. But just a wee while ago I stumbled over the cat scratching pole, literally part of the furniture for 20 years. Ah well, between you and me, a few more tears were spilt, although I do know that this ache will pass in time. Politics? Life is not all about politics.

Common ridings

You know summer is here – and certainly not because of the weather – when all our communities are draped in bunting and horses are hard to hire. I look forward to attending as many of these events as possible, but with such a large constituency and so many events there is often a clash in my diary. My black and white outfit is at the ready for the Braw Lad and Lass. But no horse riding. Too far too fall.

First Bus and my survey

Because of changes to the route of the 62a and x62, many of you have been in touch. You can tell me your views via my website, and I will shortly be putting a tear-out response form in The Southern. Once I have responses then these will form a dossier to present to the chief executive of First East.

Summer tour

Finally, on the issue of transport, I will be doing my usual summer tour in a blue Volkswagen campervan on Monday – details of stops to follow. Last time you may recall the blue Volkswagen broke down the first day. I have been assured that this is a different and reliable blue campervan. However, the best laid plans ... look out for a campervan of any colour.

Free chips

I am holding another free microchipping session with free vet’s check at Newtongrange Parish Church, Sixth Street, on June 25 from 9am-noon. You might recall that some months ago I did the same in Gala. If you missed it you are welcome at Newtongrange.