Mack’s sad tale has a happy ending

A ONCE-STARVING dog is now happy and healthy in a new home, say his animal charity rescuers, writes Sally Gillespie.

But earlier this year Mack the Belgian Shepherd weighed just 18kg, having lost a third of his bodyweight.

Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals’ senior inspector Jenny Scott said: “Poor Mack weighed just 18kg when we removed him from his owner.

“Thankfully, he quickly gained weight in our care following a simple feeding regime and went on to make a full recovery. We are delighted that Mack has since found the loving home he deserves.”

His former owner, 20-year-old Martin Alexander, was ordered to give the two-year-old dog up after appearing at Selkirk Sheriff Court in July.

A local vet had offered free treatment for the then 18-month-old Mack after seeing the emaciated dog being walked by his owner. But when Alexander, then 19, failed to show up for a second appointment, the vet called in the Scottish SPCA.

Alexander initially said Mack refused to eat the food he offered him, but later admitted not providing his dog with adequate nutrition.

Mack’s weight was 18.35kg on February 3 when he was seized, but by the end of the weekend and being fed, it was up to 20.35kg. By February 10, the weight had dramatically risen again to 23.2kg and by March 26 Mack was a healthy 29.2kg.

Inspector Scott said at the time of the court case: “We are pleased Alexander admitted causing his dog unnecessary suffering and we are relieved that Mack has now been signed over into our care. It is sad and frustrating that Mack suffered through a basic lack of feeding as this was entirely avoidable and easily remedied.”