Uppies in a double Ba’ victory

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It was the Uppies’ day when both the boys and men’s teams trounced the Doonies in Jedburgh’s Hand Ba’ last Thursday.

The Boys Ba’ score was Uppies 5, Doonies, 3 while in the Men’s Ba’, the score was Uppies 8, Doonies 6.

The centuries-old game is traditionally played on the first Thursday after Shrove Tuesday between the Uppies - those born above the Mercat Cross - and the Doonies, those born below.

It is said the first ba’ was an Englishman’s head and today’s ba’ ribbons represent his hair.

The leather ba’, a bit bigger than a cricket ball, is thrown at the Mercat Cross and to score, or hail, the Doonies have to toss it over Jedburgh Castle’s railings, and the Uppies must roll the ball across the road where the old bridge over the Skiprunning Burn was, near the Jed Water.

Donors and hailers in the Men’s Ba’ in the afternoon were the Callants Club, hailed up by Jim Gledhill; Chico and Janette Woods Golden Wedding - down, Marc Watson; Tracy and Jimmy Steele Silver Wedding - down, Craig Cargill; Tracy and Tony Pringle Silver Wedding - up, Kevin Barrie; Peter and Dian Holme Ruby Wedding - up, John Fishwick; Meg McGinn Memorial - up, Lenny Wyse; Cannon Ba’ - up, Tam Lothian; Royal British Legion - up, Jamie Amos; Callant Gary Ramsay - up, Kevin Rae; Billy Gillies - down, Graham Slorance; Carters Rest - down, Graham Slorance; Royal Hotel - up, Ronnie Notman; Railway Tavern - down, Chris Gillon; Belter’s Bar - down by Daniel Gillie at 8pm.

Boys’ Ba’s donors earlier in the day were the Schule, Jed Eye, LS Starrett, Jedburgh Community Council, Billy Gillies, Billy Shaw Memorial, John Frater Memorial and Taylor Smith, hailed by Rory Smith (twice for the Uppies), Craig Hall (down), Nick Arnold (down), Gary Munro (up), Robbie Douglas (up), Robbie Yourston (down) and Callum Young (up).

Last week’s Hobkirk Ba’ saw the Doonies win 5-2. Donors were Mr and Mrs J Curtis Golden Wedding - down, Stewart Ramsay, Mr and Mrs H Douglas Golden Wedding - down, Kris Rowley, Mr and Mrs I Frizzel Silver Wedding - down, Eric Wright, Mr and Mrs S Runciman Silver Wedding - down, Chris Shaw, Mr and Mrs M McEwan - down, Jock Johnstone, community council - up, Kevin Rae and Horse and Hounds Inn - up, Joe Crawford.




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