Safety fears over Stow crash

Nickie Keene of Station Road in Stow who had her car hit by a lorry working on the Border Railway.

Nickie Keene of Station Road in Stow who had her car hit by a lorry working on the Border Railway.

A truck driver said he did not see the parked car he ploughed into in Stow, minutes after an elderly neighbour and playing children had been in the same street.

Nursing assistant Nickie Keene had only had her £6,000 Peugeot 207 Sport for six weeks and, as we went to press yesterday (Wednesday), she was told it is a write-off following the incident last Friday.

She said: “I was sitting at the window and I heard this almighty bang. When I looked out, the truck had stopped on the other side of the road, and when I went out to my car, it was wrecked basically.

“The truck driver (who works for Allens Transport, sub-contractors of Borders Railway builders BAM Nuttall) said he had seen another truck coming in the opposite direction about 300 metres away and panicked and swerved and hit my vehicle, and that he didn’t see my car. What if that had been a child there?”

Ms Keene said Allens Transport managers arrived and said they would take the car away to fix it.

When she refused, they offered to tie her bumper up with a cable tie so she could get to work at the Borders General Hospital.

Ms Keene said: “When the recovery man took the car away on Monday, he said if I had driven it he dreaded to think what would have happened because the steering had totally gone.

“The truck had hit the wheel as well, and if I’d driven into a pothole, he said the tyre would have exploded. It’s a catalogue of errors everywhere.”

The accident happened between 4.30-5pm and Ms Keene said that when she rang police they said because no-one was injured they would not be attending.

Ms Keene said: “For all they know he could have been drink-driving – he was driving a 45-tonne truck.

“I’m angry, one, that it was my car and I only had it six weeks, and two, an older neighbour, who walks with a stick, had just crossed the street from the village surgery and kids had been playing in the road as well.

“If he didn’t see my car, what would have happened to my neighbour or a child?”

A BAM spokesman said: “We are extremely disappointed a truck has been involved in hitting this lady’s car.

“The contractor involved has followed the correct procedure and filled in the insurance form.

“They offered to help with a temporary fix for the car, which was done out of best intentions. There was never any intention to try to brush this under the carpet.

“We are doing everything we can to minimise incidents like this.”




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