Rescue dog embarks on new career as Calzeat’s poster girl

Poster dog Zara

Poster dog Zara

LOVERS of cute posters across the world are trying to get their hands on a photograph of a rescue dog and a small boy from the Borders.

Biggar-based textiles company Calzeat has been promoting its scarves with a poster, left, showing a crestfallen youngster standing alongside a Staffordshire Terrier cross dog with a Calzeat scarf around its neck.

Designer and salesman Tom Renton said: “The poster has become so popular it’s certainly helping to sell the scarves, but is sought after itself!”

He set up the shoot, taken with a works camera, in an Earlston park last winter, with his son Zafir and his niece’s Staffie, Zara.

Housewife Alana Renton, 24, rescued Zara as a pup from the now-closed SSPCA centre at Mellerstain.

Mr Renton said: “The dog and my son have become quite famous.

“We’re printing extra posters because customers are asking for them. I have customers in America and Canada and they just love them!”

Others in Scotland, the rest of the UK and Russia are clamouring for more, too.

Mr Renton said: “We’re printing extra posters because customers are asking for them and customers of our customers are wanting to buy them.”

He revealed the photo shoot had not gone quite to plan.

He told us: “I thought I would get my son running away from the dog trying to take his scarf. I tried everything.

“I even crushed up dog biscuits and put them at the end of the scarf, but it didn’t work.

“So we took a picture of my son looking unhappy because the dog has got on the scarf and even that took us half an hour to get Zara to sit. She kept running off when we put the scarf around her.

“Staffies get a lot of bad press and I wanted to tell a good story about them. She’s a crazy dog, but she’s a loving dog as well.”

The poster could also appear on fridge magnets and mugs.




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