Fancy Dress laughs in Galashiels

Waiting for Video...

The people of Galashiels came out in force on Wednesday evening to either dress up or watch others do so.

And, with the weather holding out (just), it was the usual mixture of madness, merriment and fun.

The Southern’s digital content manager Kevin Janiak set out armed with a video camera – and this is the result.

And when the fancy dress passed, Gala folk watched the procession of horses, led by the Braw Lad and Lass, as they returned to the town from their visit to Torwoodlee. Video from Stuart Cobley to come later.

Results – Children 3 years and under: 1, Rubix Cube; 2, Spaceman; 3, Pirates.

Children 4-6: 1, The Hulk; 2, Dorothy; 3, Jack Sparrow.

Children 7-10: 1, Tooth Fairy; 2, Computer Character; 3, Horse & Cart.

Adult and Child: 1, Fox; 2, England; 3, Red/White Rose.

Junior Pairs: 1, Maybe Aye Maybe No; 2, Sesame Street; 3, Big Sister & Patient Little Brother.

Adult Singles: 1, Disco Queen.

Junior Groups: 1, Guid Auld Galae; 2, BOA Bairns of Anarchay; 3, Pirates of the Galalean.

Family Group: 1, Pirate Ship; 2, Lego Movie; 3, Annie Ruddiman.

Senior Groups: 1, Mrs Brown’s Boys; 2, Strictly Dancing; 3, I Phone.

Uniform Groups: 1, Gala Messy Church Adam & Eve; 2, Scouts.

Pre School Groups: 1, Mini Mags; 2, Caddonfoot; 3, Gala Express.

Prams: 1, Cinderella.

Float: 1, Scala Day; 2, Hazeldean.

Best in Parade: Guid Auld Galae; Gala Hot spots




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