Kelso youngsters get a taste of Thailand

YOUNGSTERS in Kelso and Coldstream were treated to slightly more exotic entertainment fare than they are used to in school, with special performances by the Moradokmai Theatre Troupe from rural Thailand.

Currently on tour, troupe members visited Coldstream Primary on Tuesday, as well as giving pupils in Kelso’s Broomlands Primary yesterday and Edenside Primary today the chance to enjoy traditional Thai music, dance and theatre.

“This is a company like no other I have worked with’ said tour organiser Hazel Roy.

“The whole company of 60-plus live, work and make theatre together in a Buddhist eco -community, where the students learn to grow and cook their own food, take a full part in their community and enjoy a rigorous training in traditional Thai dance music and theatre.”

And knowing how the recession has hit school budgets, Moradokmai is performing free of charge in the Borders schools - an act of real generosity given that troupe members lost everything in the floods that devastated parts of Thailand last year and are now trying to replace 20 years’ worth of theatre resources and musical instruments.

“This is a company that has few personal possessions but has endless resources creatively. I think they have discovered the secret of happiness,” added Hazel.