Jed youth demand action at schools’ summit

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Pupils from three Jedburgh schools came together recently to demand a youth club for the town.

With a little help from Cheviot Youth and their adult helpers, the 25 young people from Howdenburn and Parkside Primary Schools and Jedburgh Grammar hosted a meeting in Jedburgh British Legion, informing the people of Jedburgh that with the closure of the town’s only youth club C02 last December, they had nowhere to go, were bored at home and were desperate for a place to meet and socialise with friends.

Fourteen of the group had worked with Cheviot Youth staff over the weeks before the youth summit, planning the day and spending time canvassing pupils in the three schools for their views on a new youth club and service. Their commitment to the success of the event was evident in the way the day went, with much lively debate, excellent ideas, and a call for action that will keep everyone busy over the summer months.

Ian Rendall Reid, manager at Cheviot Youth told us: “The good work that the young people did in organising the youth summit and the work done on the day itself is just the start of a journey that will see us open a new youth club in the town very shortly. We now wait upon the adults to show their support for what the young people of Jedburgh are asking.”

And Lisa Cowan, SBC youth media development worker, added: “Steven Davidson and Aaron Sutton, the youth summit’s media team, worked very hard on the day recording interviews from all the participants. In a short space of time, they learned the skills to capture some impressive audio material. The young people they interviewed talked about what youth provision they would like to see in 
Jedburgh and appreciated the opportunity to be heard.”

All the information provided on the day – the questionnaires, competitions and the results of various consultations – is now being collated and will provide the information for a report.