Inspectors full of praise for Ancrum school

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INSPECTORS have given Ancrum primary school a gold star after a visit earlier this year.

HMIE officials praised the children’s high levels of achievement, the strong sense of school community and close links with the village, and the school’s strong environmental education and conservation.

They said the children were well-motivated, enthusiastic and interested, and noted clear leadership from the head and depute head, resulting in close staff teamwork.

Headteacher George Gilchrist said: “The school has been committed for many years to providing a first-class educational experience for the children. I have had great pleasure in working with all partners to build on this.”

The inspectors suggested the school work on continuing to develop children’s responsibility for their learning and provide more challenge in classwork, and monitor and evaluating children’s progress.

Ancrum Parent Council chairperson, Lisa Brown said: “The report provides a tremendous advertisement for Borders village schools, many of which have disappeared or been threatened with closure. I wholeheartedly agree that pupils of Ancrum Primary School are happy pupils which is vital for both their development and their learning skills.