Horse whisperer passes word on to Borderers

AN INTERNATIONALLY renowned horse whisperer gave a demonstration in the Borders recently.

Canadian Jodine Carruthers –whose mother comes from Selkirk – demonstrated her Harmonious Horsemanship techniques on a young gelding to more than 20 horse lovers at Broomhill Farm, Selkirk.

The young equine behaviourist said: “I was very pleased with the event at Broomhill. I did a groundwork demonstration on a five-year-old gelding named Lucky. The lesson was aimed at establishing true leadership as opposed to simply dominating the horse.

“I shared with the audience the importance of understanding the horse’s perspective, while at the same time teaching the horse about the human world and what was expected of him in it.

“Lucky was an excellent choice for a demo horse as he clearly shared his learning process with the audience!”

A granddaughter of the international course designer Pamela Carruthers, Jodie, who aims to help horses and people, trained in the techniques of Monty Roberts, the world-famous inspiration for the film, The Horse Whisperer. She is also a Reiki master.

The two-hour event included a question-and-answer session when people asked her advice for their own horses.

Jodie said: “I had a great time being back at Broomhill and sharing Harmonious Horsemanship with everyone who attended. Hopefully Lucky and I managed to give people a new perspective on how we can establish leadership while still allowing the horse to have a voice in the relationship.”

She published a book,The Joy of the Journey, on her techniques last year.