Help us capture the longest day and what the Borders means to you

What ingredients do you have to mix together to get a typical Borders day?

Which places have to feature, what noises would you have to hear and what sights do you need to see to know that you are here?

The answer to that must surely vary for each individual, but you might be surprised at how many reoccurring elements we all have in the lives we live right here in the Borders.

The Southern will be marking the longest day of the year on Friday (June 21) with a unique project – and we would love a bit of help from you.

On Friday, our journalists will be out and about recording some aspect of life across the region – in just 15 second snapshots. That may mean capturing street life in Hawick or Peebles, a steaming latte being prepared, an after work pint being poured in your favourite hostelrie, or sunset from Scott’s View. Some may record a few seconds’ footage as they are out reporting on a job for the website and next week’s paper, while others might pick something closer to home.

You will find recordings that are planned and crucial to any Borders day, alongside others which are spur of the moment yet just as important to the end product.

What we would like you, our army of readers, to do is join in and throughout the day send us your own short clip. It could be from your work place, favourite chippy, a charity or a park bench – if it means the Borders to you then let us share it.

Our digital editor Kevin Janiak will combine the clips to make a visual montage summing up the longest day in the Borders, which we will upload to our website as soon after sunset as we can.

You can also send us photographs which we will use for an accompanying slideshow. And if you just want to get in touch with a suggestion for clips you would like to see, feel free to get in touch.

The longest day in the Borders 2013 will be preserved for posterity by The Southern but it is always great to get a little help from our friends.