Making a difference for the terminally ill

Making a difference is what life is all about. Helping to achieve something that has a lasting benefit for others.

Most of us, however, will not get the chance to do that directly on the big stage – working to aid refugees in distant countries, for example, or making a breakthrough in medical science.

So we should all strive to do our bit to make a difference when an opportunity – no matter how small – does come our way.

And now such an opportunity has arrived for readers of TheSouthern.

We have thrown our support behind The Difference appeal which has been launched to raise the final £1million needed for a dedicated hospice at the Borders General Hospital – and we want our readers to do the same.

It was just over two years ago that it was revealed that former nurse Margaret Kerr had left £600,000 in her will to be used as a legacy towards the creation of the region’s first – and badly-needed – hospice. That legacy was used as the basis of a fantastic effort to leverage cash donations and pledges from major backers.

Now, all that remains is a final £1million and the dream of having a purpose-built in-patient palliative care unit in this region can be made reality.

There will be few families in the Borders which remain untouched by the blight of potentially-terminal illnesses such as cancer.

For those who physically cannot remain in their own homes during their final days, a local hospice is a major asset towards the continued provision of dignified care in the final stages of a person’s life.

We would urge all our readers to think how they can help make The Difference.