Gordon Flower Show

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GORDON FLOWER SHOW CHALLENGE CUP for most points in the Cut Flower and Pot Plant Sections – Grace Donaldson; Runner-up Prize - Tara Grey

LAING MEMORIAL CUP for the best exhibit in Flower Classes - Margaret Beattie

ROBERT KIRK PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP for the best exhibit in the Rose Classes – Grace Donaldson

CRAIG CHALLENGE CUP for most points in Floral Art - Tara Grey; Runner-up Prize – Fiona Gilchrist

GEORGE WOOD TROPHY for the best exhibit in Floral Art – Tara Grey

GORDON FLOWER SHOW CUP awarded for most points in the Vegetable Sectio –Bill Massie; Runner-up Prize – Norrie Donaldson

TWEEDIE PLATE for best exhibit in Horticultural Sections – Bill Massie for Best Box of Potatoes

CUP for most points in the Baking Section – Mary Mercer; Runner-up Prize – Kate Grieve

GLADSTONE CUP for Best Exhibit in the Baking Section – Susan Nutt for Victoria Sponge

WINIFRED & JOHN WALDIE SALVER for most points in Preserves – Margaret Beattie; Runner-up Prize Sheila Wood

CUP for most points in Handicrafts Section – Kirsten Johnstone; Runner-up Prize – Fiona Gilchrist

GORDON JUNIOR CUP for most points in Under 8 years Section – Jessica Robson; Runner-up Prize – Naomi Dawes, Erin Jackson, & Darcy Robson

INTERMEDIATE CUP for most points in 8 – 11 years Section - Emily Jones; Runner-up Prize – Rebekah Cove & Matthew Cove

Helen Lauder Cup for most points in 12 – 15 years Section - Eliana Capstick; Runner-up Prize – Cara Neary

SUSAN SCOTCHMER TROPHY Under 15 – Garden in a tin lid – Rhea Bowie; Runner-up Prize – Darcy Robson

JEN PURVES TROPHY for Best Exhibit in School Art Work - Theo

COMMITTEE’S PRIZE - Amanda Dempsey for ‘Star Gazing Mice’

Pictured are from left: Tara Grey, Mary Mercer , Jessica Robson, and Bill Massie