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Pictured in the winter of 1987 are masons taking part in the annual Masonic Walk of the Lodge of Melrose St John No 1² (bis). The lodge has written evidence to support its claim that it has been in existence since 1136 and that its members were involved with Melrose Abbey.

The Melrose Lodge’s Walk takes place each year on St John’s Day – December 27. After their annual general meeting, brethren gather at the George and Abbotsford Hotel and march carrying torches up the High Street where they circle the Mercat Cross three times before proceeding to the abbey for a short ceremony. The walk is of long standing. A reference to it can be found in a lodge minute dated December 27, 1745 when members agreed to stage a walk – but no reference is made to when it was first held, although some believe it was in existence before 1745.

z On September 6, we published a photograph of the retained firefighting crew which operated out of Melrose. We have since had contact with the family of the senior member of that crew.

On the right of the picture was the station’s Sub Officer Colin Brown. His daughter Carol, who now lives in Brighton, tells us her dad led the crew from 1962 until 1982 and that he lives in sheltered accommodation in his beloved Melrose.

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