Decision on Howpark Wind Farm delayed

A decision on planning consent for the eight-turbine Howpark Wind Farm near Grantshouse has been postponed for the impact of turbine noise to be investigated.

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A golden eagle in flight.

Borders eagle project about to take flight after landing £1.3m grant

Plans to boost the Borders’ population of golden eagles are set to take flight after landing a £1.3m National Lottery grant.

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Wilton Lodge Park's new playpark.

Yobs already targeting £300k new playpark

The new playpark at Hawick’s Wilton Lodge Park is already becoming a magnet for anti-social behaviour, sparking calls for closed-circuit TV cameras to be installed to help keep youbs under control.

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The nearby Langhope Rig wind farm.

Barrel Law wind farm plans go back up for discussion

Revived plans for a controversial wind farm development near Roberton will go on show today.

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Dog walkers are being urged to clean up after their dogs in the countryside.

Dog poo could kill livestock

NFU Scotland is urging members of the public to clean up after their dogs when walking on or near to agricultural land.

Two cases ofSchmallenberg Virus have been diagnosed in maformed lambs from Scottish flocks.

Schmallenberg Virus found in Scotland

The Schmallenberg Virus (SBV) infection has been diagnosed in malformed lambs in two Scottish flocks close to the Scotland/England border.

A yellow warning for snow is in place for much of Scotland

Warning of snow issued by Met Office

The Met Office has issued a yellow ‘be aware’ warning for snow on Tuesday.

Borders farmers show their support at Whitriggs Farm.

Borders farm ready to embrace change

Over 80 farmers and others working in the industry gathered on the new Borders Monitor Farm to show their support for the project which aims to assist farmers become more efficient and sustainable.

Michael Braithwaite of Applecross near Hawick has written 'Hopes and Haughs'.

An informative look at haughs and hopes

An enlightening look at how places in Roxburghshire came to be named has been brought to print by a Hawick-based author.

Left Jennifer Dodds, far right Andrew Dodds with pupils.

Tractor tour offers food for thought to pupils

Youngsters have been given an insight into life in the farming industry by a tractor tour taking in dozens of 60 Borders schools.

A sign pointing to Ruberslaw, near Hawick.

Council opposing plans for 15-turbine wind farm near Hawick

Councillors are objecting to plans for a 15-turbine wind farm near Hawick due to concerns that it would blight an area of natural beauty.

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Lanterns can cause harm to the health of livestock when they have landed in farmers fields and been eaten.

Union calls for lanterns ban

Scottish Borders Council currently has no plans to ban sky lanterns on their land despite lobbying from NFU Scotland.

The Easter Langlee landfill site near Galashiels.

Agency opposing £5.2m Galashiels waste station plans

Scotland’s environmental watchdog is opposing plans by Scottish Borders Council to build a £5.2m waste transfer station on the outskirts of Galashiels.

Rubers Law, near Hawick.

Councillors being urged to oppose plans for 15-turbine wind farm near Hawick

Controversial plans for a 15-turbine wind farm near Hawick face being given the thumbs-down by Scottish Borders Council over fears it could blight an area of natural beauty.

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Primary school pupils across the region will be getting a visit from a Royal Highland Education Trust tractor on Thursday.

Schools set to focus on food and farming

Borders primary school pupils are being asked to dig out their favourites recipes ahead of the Royal Highland Education Trust’s (RHET) tractor tour which visits the region on Thursday.

Selkirk Flood Scheme is completed. A small ceremony took place today to mark the event, with Roseanna Cuningham and Councillor David Parker speaking.

New defences have saved us six times already

Selkirk’s new flood defences are already proving a success after protecting homes from flood damage six times in just over a year.

Seven turbines are proposed at Barrel Law.

Plans for a wind farm near Roberton have been revived

New proposals revealed this week have revived the possibility of a wind farm development being built near Roberton.

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Selkirk Flood Scheme is completed. A small ceremony took place on Monday, February 27, to mark the event, with Roseanna Cuningham and Councillor David Parker speaking.

River defences unveiled at last after eight years’ work

Selkirk’s long-awaited £31.4m flood protection scheme was officially opened this week after eight years of work to safeguard the town from the Ettrick Water.

Easter Langlee Landfill Site near Galashiels.

Contamination assurances sought over £5m waste station

The health risks associated with Scottish Borders Council erecting a £5m waste transfer station (WTS) on contaminated land at Easter Langlee in Galashiels must be identified and assessed before any works can commence.

Heavy snow is expected to fall across the region.

Ice warning issued as temperatures set to fall

The Met Office has now issued a yellow be aware weather warning across the Scottish Borders for ice between 6pm today and 9am tomorrow.

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