Mobile phone drive

POLICE are clamping down on drivers who use mobile phones while at the wheel.

During the past two weeks they have used unmarked police vehicles as well as high visibility patrols. And they warn that offending motorists are putting their own lives and the lives of others at risk.

The police purge is set to continue into March. Sergeant Brian Jones said: “Roads policing officers have been carrying out patrols of town centres and rural roads, which have led to numerous drivers being charged.

“Incidents have ranged from drivers using their hand held device to speak to friends or to work colleagues, to some drivers observed texting and others or using satallite navigation systems inappropriately.”

And he warned: “It only takes a matter of seconds for a vehicle to veer across the road onto the other carriageway and hit another vehicle. Not only are they putting themselves and other road users at risk, they are also at risk of being caught and receiving a £60 fixed penalty ticket and three penalty points on their licence.

“The knock on effect of this could be increased insurance premiums or loss of licence.

“These patrols will be ongoing for the next four weeks and be assured, if people choose to ignore this message, they will get caught”.