Making money from sheep the NZ way!

Charley and Andrea Walker, Barnside.
Charley and Andrea Walker, Barnside.
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This Saturday, July 4, from 12 noon, Barnside Farm, Abbey St Bathans is hosting an open day entitled ‘How to make money from sheep the New Zealand way’.

The event is hosted by Andrea and Charley Walker (pictured above). Speakers include: Murray Rohloff - leading New Zealand sheep farmer and international sheep consultant; Dr Rex Dolby - soil consultant and former chief soil research scientist at Agresearch, Invermay; Robyn Hulme of Easyrams - The UK’s only breeder of NZ Suffolk, Sufftex and Texel Rams.

If you wish to attend please call 01939 270670/07971 970918 or email: All welcome.