All aboard for my bus-service survey

I have had lots of correspondence about the withdrawal of the X62 and 62A services from the bus station, and the removal of the direct link through to the BGH.

I have met the heid bummer of First Bus East and continue in discussions/debate with him. However, he claimed that although First had issued leaflets regarding the changes, he had only four complaints.

I have had a good few more than that, but to give more power to my elbow, I am shortly issuing my own consultation.

As you can imagine, the logistics of mailing out to all affected is not probably possible, and anyway, to save costs, it helps if I can get as many responses online. If you log onto my website you can complete the survey there. The address is


If you were at Monday’s Yes meeting in Galashiels Volunteer Hall, I hope you found it informative and fun – yes, fun.

Stalls were there from all political parties and the headline speaker was Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

On the matter of cross-border co-operation in the event of a Yes vote, I was able to remind the 500-plus there that my dad, who cut a bit of a dash as a KOSB, had been posted down to Burton-on-Trent in 1942.

There he spied his English Rose belting out some ballad and announced he would marry her, which he did not long after. Really she had no chance as he swaggered in with his glengarry tipped at an angle, and so tall and elegant in his tartan trews.

Later this year, my younger son marries a Londoner, so it’s a reversal as his English Rose takes him south. And me? Well, that’s how I came to be born in Burton. Yes, my family are prime examples of cross-border co-operation.


Sad times – and this is hard to write as you will understand if you are a pet owner like me.

Over the years, off and on, I have written of Newt and Bossie who came into my life and took over my home almost to the day I entered parly. Fifteen years.

Well, I had booked the vet’s for Saturday which was tough enough because he was pretty well on his last legs.

But fate beat me to it. Saturday morning I found him almost gone, under the flowering snowball viburnum. Without going into all the detail, I sat and chatted to him to the end, and yes, tears rolling down my cheeks like a daft one.

The irony is I had just that week sponsored celebrating Scotland’s animals and made a speech about it on Thursday.

I know this silly sadness will go, but, my goodness, thinking of that wee cat and now his bewildered sister is always close to the surface.