Spud you’ll like even if you’re slimming

LOW-CAL soft drinks are one thing, but potatoes?

Slimmers who fight shy of mash may find out something to their advantage at the 17th annual Borders Potato Day on Sunday.

One of the varieties on sale this year is the seed potato Vivaldi, shown in laboratory tests to be lower in calories and carbohydrate content than most other popular varieties.

The best news is that the potato is so rich and flavoursome as a mashed potato that scientists insist it doesn’t require the usual knob of butter for flavouring.

And if it’s a sinful smoothie you yearn for, help yourself to a glassful of fruity delight by making a do-it-yourself smoothie using electricity generated by pedalling furiously on an exercise bike!

These are just two of the attractions on view at Borders Organic Gardeners’ annual unmissable open day for gardeners, at the Borders Union Agricultural Showground in Kelso.

A staggering 140 different varieties of seed potato will be on sale at 14p per tuber, which means that gardeners can buy a full range of potatoes – first and second earlies and maincrop – as well as specialist varieties grown for mashing, baking, roasting or salad use.

In addition, onion, shallot and garlic seed are for sale, refreshments are available and a host of stall-holders will be selling garden equipment and supplies.

Potato Day, organised by Borders Organic Gardeners which has almost 500 member households throughout Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, is the best-attended annual garden show in the area.

Held Springwood Park, the event is open from 11am to 3pm and costs £1 per person, children free. Everything is undercover and there is plenty of free parking. There are refreshments all day and fun activities for the children.

Further details: www.bordersorganicgardeners. org.uk