Free nature events as festival winds up

The Borders Nature Festival, including exhibitions, continues regionwide through the rest of this week and the weekend.

Tomorrow (June 13) sees a free Bugs, Bats and Badgers talk in the evening at Abbotsford, near Galashiels, when experts will talk about local wildlife including butterflies, moths, bats and badgers.

Those interested should book by ringing 01896 752043.

On Saturday afternoon, there is a free event, A flock, some fields and the hill, near Kirkton Manor in Peeblesshire.

A council ranger and a local farmer will talk about how sheep have changed the landscape in the area.

For more information, contact the council’s ranger service on 01835 826750.

Lindean Loch, near Selkirk, is the venue for a butterfly survey (at 1pm) and pond dipping (from 2pm to 4pm) on Sunday afternoon.

Council rangers say participants will learn about the stickmen and the stonemen that live in the loch and look for a rare water spider.

For more information contact the rangers on 01835 826750.

Meanwhile, at Bowhill in Selkirk, later this month, organisers at Buccleuch Estates are inviting gardeners to come to Horticultural Homecoming events on June 25 or 29 from 2pm to 4pm when there will be a short guided walk around the estate and chance to learn about the uses of native plants followed by a workshop to encourage gardeners to grow native species in their own garden.